April 02, 2015

"What steps can I take to become an artist if I can only manage stick figures?"

Art begins with inquiry, and the fact that you're asking this question is, in and of itself, a wonderful first step. There isn't a single clear path to becoming an artist. And the practice means many things, as artists work in all variety of media. The choice of medium, in many ways, interacts with / dictates / draws out / complicates / inspires / and limits the inquiry; the two are interrelated. 

Regarding drawing: there isn't much more to it than lines, so you're off to a good start! Lines are where we all begin: it's simply a matter of seeing where you can take them. Read books, take classes, draw with friends, and find out what works best for you; everyone you speak with will have a different approach. Be open to them, and be critical of them. Some will lead to dead ends, some to epiphanies; some will restrict your thinking, and others will open more doors. The more you can enjoy the challenge of learning to draw, the more you'll grow. What this all means is that you should just enjoy drawing and stay curious about it. 

And as for stick figures: when I worked at Pixar, where I taught figure drawing classes, it was always the basics that tripped people up — because people always hoped to skip ahead. My simple advice: don't sell the basics short: they're the building blocks of your knowledge. A circle must be round, a straight line must be straight, and a curved line curved in just the right way. More angled or less? Is something heavy or light? In front or behind? Being able to knowingly, sensibly relate lines and forms — that's the whole thing; that's drawing.

For drawing, curiosity, and it's products, some books I recommend: 
  • Drawing: For the Artistically Undiscovered, by Quentin Blake 
  • The Art Spirit, by Robert Henri 
  • Seeing is Forgetting the Name of the Thing One Sees, by Lawrence Weschler and Robert Irwin

March 30, 2015

Nicholas Andre Sung at Mission Comics as part of the Spring Talk Series, curated by Quintessa Matranga. A txt companion to moving piece, from CoCo Confidential, an exhibition curated by Matthew Linde (Melbourne) and Quintessa Matranga (San Francisco).

March 04, 2015

they speak!

~ tonight at mission comics, from 7 pm onward ~

January 14, 2015

spent some of the last few days painting, plotting, imagining. 

it seems like the time time to wander across fields.

September 25, 2014

is this

"what threatens reading is this: the reader’s reality, his personality, his immodesty, his stubborn resistance upon remaining himself in the face of what he reads — a man who knows in general how to read."

— maurice blanchot

November 26, 2013

3 4 y r s .

i went running yesterday.

i haven't been running in months. in a year and

three months. it felt good — to return to myself,

to my body. today i'm sore, but i feel renewed:

having done something, saw a door and opened it.

i followed a new route and never grew tired.

June 12, 2013

n / a

i'm happy to announce that after many months of planning,

i've recently opened n/a, an exhibition and event space

in oakland, california.

with a focus on the queer experience in contemporary art practice,

n/a seeks to gather individuals and communities of diverse social

and political backgrounds, with programming that encourages

critical dialog, lends legibility and visibility to queer artists and

ideas, and produces new imaginaries. it is curated by myself

with the help of a community of organizers. many thanks to

kait mooney, christopher füllemann, kristine eudey, alex

maldonado, alexandra anderson, rocket caleshu, daniel

nevers and lindsay reed for their love, hard work,

and support.

i'm very excited to tell you about our first show,

your motion says you're in the mood, new work

by christopher füllemann. in the meanwhile,

visit out our website, friend us on facebook,

and drop by if you're in town.


January 23, 2013

a l t / e x

I am a proud recipient of a 2012 Alternative Exposure grant 

from San Francisco's visual arts nonprofit Southern Exposure

in support of n/a : an emergent art space for the Bay Area 

queer community opening later in the spring, 2013.

Meet all the grantees tonight at Southern Exposure

6-8pm 3030 20th St San Franisco

January 17, 2013

f a u s t

saturday the 19th i participated in small press traffic's poet's theatre, 

a festival of avant-garde plays by poets. i performed a small role in 

In A Word, Faust, written by ish klein and directed by kevin killian.

the event was held at counterPULSE. X

January 10, 2013

a n o t h e r n e w y e a r

The Forest

At night
under the trees
the black snake
jellies forward
the stems of the bloodroot,
the yellow leaves,
little boulders of bark,
to take off
the old life.
I don’t know
if he knows what is happening.
I don’t know
if he knows
it will work.
In the distance
the moon and the stars
give a little light.
In the distance
the owl cries out.
In the distance
the owl cries out.
The snake knows
there are the owl’s woods,
these are the woods of death,
these are the woods of hardship
where you crawl and crawl,
where you live in the husks of trees,
where you lie on the wild twigs
and they cannot bear your weight,
where life has no purpose
and is neither civil nor intelligent.
Where life has no purpose,
and is neither civil nor intelligent,
it begins
to rain,
it begins
to smell like the bodies
of flowers.
At the back of the neck
the old skin splits.
The snake shivers but does not hesitate.
He inches forward.
He begins to bleed through
like satin.

Mary Oliver