December 03, 2006


It was a big drawing day, although it seemed like we really didn't do much. We started with some coffee at Sugarlump, a walk to the Castro for the The San Francisco Silent Film Festival's presentation of the Silly Symphonies, and a race out to the Inner Richmond for a Burmese dinner and a beer. We trolled the fabulous Green Apple Bookstore, and a bar full of Santa Clauses and a Russ Meyer movie later, bought some candy for the ride home, and endured some repugnant BART riders; some arrogant yuppies, an intense guitarist, and a wiry, lean, excercising machine wearing fur, buckles and two inches of boots. Quite the day!

*note that the first four pages below were drawn in the dark--and the first and second pages basically without looking!


  1. We had a crazy Saturday. I'm lovin' these, lots o' great stuff happenin'

    Jenny is still in town?

  2. what the hell are you doing still awake?

  3. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Holy Hell! I don't know where to begin with the superlatives, but I'm slack jawed.
    I've been trying out something 'similar' with much less success.
    The guy in the car may be my favorite
    drawing I've seen you do. Amazing, Nick.

  4. Nick! I love these drawings! The guy in the car IS great. Oh how I wish I were still in Saffa Sisso.

    (I like the drawing of me, too, despite looking like a Doozer. Thanks!)

  5. We had a late night because of Emy's accident.

    hahaha. Jenny that is hilarious and yes you do. Fraggle's rule.

    James is right, I was also stunned by the guy in the car. I love how you manage to keep it energetic and loose while still giving us just enough to grab onto.
    So Evocative!

  6. Anonymous5:43 PM

    wonderful gestures and pencilwork,! I love the way you capture the moment.
    can i know what is the size of those sketches?palm size?

  7. thanks guys!
    I'm trying!

    yeah, i guess they're about that size.

  8. Jenny again.8:05 PM

    I can only hope to draw as well as you, in the dark and without looking.

  9. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Am I too late to the party to say how much I like the guy in the car too? I really did like it before everyone else. In the dark. And without looking.

    Nice stuff, Nick.

  10. I am a fan of the big wall sketch. The one with the group of comparitively miniscule poeple in the bottom. It's got a story of its own. I love it.