May 20, 2007


Ah... finally done. A quick flirt with a Tadahiro painting, an original Jen Chang on my table, many hellos and some classical music later: one complete sketchbook over one complete weekend. Seating was tough, so I took a fire hydrant outside the cafe. It was great, some melancholy new compositions, reminiscent of Rachel's.

A very scary moment: a van sped by (and I can't emphasize enough how fast the damn thing was going) and rammed, quite intentionally, a little coupe that was trying to get away; they cleared the intersection, CRUNCHED! sped off and reared around a corner. Somethin' real dangerous; someone was trying to kill someone. In lighter news, a fairly drunk composer said that my cafe composition needed some work, and that last drawing? He didn't know what it was. Go figure.

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  1. These are awesome man. REALLY impressive.