June 20, 2007

BLOG: Bill Presing's Daily Peril

Bill Presing is just about the nicest guy and the best artist you'll ever meet. Thankfully he's started up a blog to showcase his incredible artwork and kick the rest of our asses. A grad of the Kubert School in New York, and my officemate and fellow Pixarian, Bill exudes the same confidence, appeal, sharpness and good humour as his drawings; man! they're awesome.

Please visit Bill Presing at Daily Peril.


  1. Yep, pretty beautiful stuff. Thanks for the link man.

  2. Nick it was no problem to post on something as important as the AIDS cycle it was an honour to post something that real for a change well hope your kickin ass down at pixar love your work stay fresh as ever peace


  3. Cool work, really nice colours