August 16, 2007

One Year

Recently was the one year anniversary of my move to California; that's one year at Pixar. It's been busy and challenging and really fun, and I can't say enough nice things about the many generous people I've met here. I feel like I've grown quite a bit, and have thankfully managed to learn a good deal. It's been tough too, but this is the land of opportunity, right? I'm very pleased to be here, and excited for the future, and I'm proud and happy and thankful for all my friends and family. Here's to continued success; to new adventures!


  1. Nick,
    Congratulations man. I hope this is the first year of many, and wish you continued success. Hope things are well with you, and I really appreciate the advice and talks over the last year as well. You rock.

  2. Wow, great update Nick, and congrats on the anniversary. Your are living the dream and are a true Canadian inspiration...I'll see you there dude, expect me in a year or so. :P Seriously...

  3. Happy Anniversary Nick!!!
    You rock!

  4. Jenny7:31 PM

    It's been quite the year, hasn't it. I'm glad to see this update (even if there is a close-up drawing of a girl's bum); I was starting to miss them.

  5. Congrats Nick; nice to see you posting again. Great drawings, too. I hope to see them all in a book someday...hint hint.


  6. Hey, Nick! Congrats on the first year at Pixar!

  7. Nick you are a constant inspiration. These are stunning as always. So knowledgable and apealing man. Happy one year Pixar aniversary man.

  8. Lee Williams7:12 AM

    Nice Work Nick. Beautiful gestures, this stuff. Congrats on ur 1 year! PIXAR eh...Great move! All the best,
    Lee Williams
    Boomstone Animation,

  9. New sketches! The pony tail girl looks like Daniela S. ~?

    Congrats on the first year cool is that

  10. Congrats Nick!
    Your artwork is the best!!
    I got so inspired after going through your sketchbook stuff tha day it was great.

  11. lovely sketches!
    And congratulations, for your whole year at Pixar!

  12. Nick, great post again. love to come to your blog. good work.


  13. Makes me want to go find a cafe. In fact, that's what i'm gonna do right now, dangit! Thanks for the inspiration!


  14. congrats man, and awesome drawings ofcourse.
    glad to hear ur happy at pixar :)
    i bet it's a dream workin there...

  15. Wow. One whole year. Probably felt like a lot longer, with all that transition and acclimation.

    I'm really glad to have known you Nick. You're an amazingly talented artist, as well as an all-around inspiring person. Keep up the passion, and I hope your work (and blog!) prospers more each year.