February 26, 2008


Photo by arcticlamb

In other news, a big chunk of my old block in Toronto burned down recently. No one was hurt, and it wasn't the whole street, thank goodness, but it's still very sad--old Queen and Bathurst was a wild, varied, neighbourhoody place, and I hope it gets back on its feet soon. Here's to everyone who lost their home or business! Good luck.


  1. shame to hear about your stomping grounds. Glad nobody was hurt. And GREAT photos from London, Mr. Sung. I'm inspired.. but i'm also too poor to buy a camera. :P I cruel dichotomy of the art student's life!

  2. Hey Nick!

    We'd posted on this too. You chose a powerful image.

    Did you actually live in one of the destroyed buildings? Man, the block looks like a war zone now. Really devestated. It hits you in the gut.

    I can't get over the number of very dramatic shots of the fire and the aftermath posted on Flickr. So many gorgeous, terrible pictures. I also heard that a photographer who lived over one of the stores for the past 20 years lost all his equipment and negatives. The Queen car is still being diverted, a week later.

    It wasn't my block but I spent my 'twenties' living in that Spadina Queen Bathurst area and then around Kensington market, so it feels like hole my old stomping grounds.

    Cheers to you from Toronto. It's a cold one today. ~Arna

  3. Yea...that was pretty crazy...I could smell the smoke soon as I stepped off the train all the way from Union. The ice from the hose was crazy too...froze almost instantly, as you can see from the pics. It was a sad event, but the ice made it eerily beautiful.