July 31, 2008



  1. Hey Nick,

    It's Joey Lares, Katie's brother that you gave a tour of Pixar. How have you been? I've been well. I thought I'd drop you a line. I really like your blog! I've been back to see your updates four or five times since we met in May, and I'm amazed every time. You've got serious skills.

    Have you talked with Katie? She seems to be doing well out in Ohio. I need to go visit her soon, but everything has been very hectic trying to find jobs and housing in the Bay Area. My girlfriend (her name is Angela) and I just found a place in SF though, and we are moving mid August. I'm stoked. It's at Masonic and Golden Gate Ave.

    I'm still looking for jobs in SF, and I just applied to another position over at Pixar, part of what reminded me to drop you a line. It's a Production Assistant position, and I imagine it involves getting a lot of coffee and food for other people? That's ok though, as after seeing the work you guys are doing out there I told myself I'd probably give a limb to work there (ok, maybe not a whole limb).

    Anyhow, take care, and if you ever want to hang out drop me a line/ give me a call. And if you haven't considered going out to visit Katie, you should; she'd love to have you out I'm sure.


  2. Hi Nick- Way cool that you posted links to the places you went- I hope you are spraying your work with a fixative so ten generations from now people can flip through your experience!

  3. Jenny6:46 AM

    I love these, as usual. I can't get enough of your sketchbooks. Can't.

  4. Hey Nick,

    I like the new look. Great NY sketches. You managed to capture so much and tell a lot of story with them.