September 09, 2008

The Totoro Forest Auction!

yay! the totoro auction was a big success! i spent the entire evening running around, but wow it was fun! there was so much beautiful artwork—so much love from around the world—one couldn't help but be impressed. I was so pleased to see my friends and co-workers in attendance and I was also lucky to meet some wonderful artists from outside the studio:

Martin Witting, Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera, Richard Vander Wende, Alina Chau, Chris Turnham and Kevin Dart, Jony Chandra, Tim Heitz and Christian Ward. i can't believe that there is still a cartoon art museum show to look forward to...

congrats to enrico, dice, yukino pang & ronnie, and everyone involved on a great evening! the photos above are by the very talent miss Deborah Coleman and were posted HERE on AWN.