June 12, 2009

UP ^

i waited a few weeks to say anything, but I thought I should mention that our new film UP has opened! it's a really special movie, very strange, funny and affecting; it's a good picture. so far the reception has been incredible! it's actually a little hard to believe: we were the opening picture of the Cannes Film Festival, we're maintaining a 98% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and we're keeping in step with Nemo and the Incredibles at the box office. i saw the movie at the Castro Theatre the other weekend, and the line led down the block.

this is the film I was hired for and the impetus for my move to California. i feel so privileged to have worked on such an inspiring project, and with such nice and talented people. i really have to thank Ronnie Del Carmen, Pete Docter, Bob Peterson and Jonas Rivera for making everything happen. this was a risky picture for Pixar to make, and these guys did so much of the heavy lifting; i'm so glad that i work at a place where a movie like this can get made.

our thoughtful and action packed story crew, Tony Rosenast, Bill Presing, Enrico Casarosa, Josh Cooley, Justin Hunt and Bobby Rubio; Shannon Ryan, Veronica Watson and Brian Wright deserve many thanks, congratulations and pats on the back. somehow it all came together, and i'm so pleased i got to see it through with them! it was eye-opening to see the Pixar Story Process in action: a little scary, a little exhilarating, and completely rewarding. i'm excited to watch us all continue to learn and grow.

for those who haven't yet seen the film, go watch it now! catch it in theatres while you can, because it's really a great ride, and a lot more fun to see with a full house. i can honestly say that it's one of our best. adventure is out there!


  1. Many congrats in all your hard work on this film! I truly enjoyed the adventure, the sadness and humor!!!

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  3. I was blown away by the movie, really. Congrats Nick! now, what are you working on next? I know I know, you can't say ;)

  4. I love the illustration! And I'm very much looking forward to seeing 'Up'.

  5. It is a wonderful film - I'm looking forward to seeing it again this week. I'd love to hear more about your specific involvement, Nick - if I were to hazard a guess, I would think you had a lot to do with the beginning (?) ...
    It must be so fun for you to see it in a full, big theater!

  6. Congratulations Nick for being a part of such a nice film.