August 23, 2009



  1. Jenny Florence6:13 AM

    You've got some pretty crazy painting going on! It's fun when you try new things.

  2. Awesome, cool technique!

  3. thank you both!

    Jen, it's so nice to hear from you; I always appreciate your opinion. I hope that I can push forward and keep trying new things.

  4. that guy looks like me!

  5. hi nick..

    glad to feast upon such eye candy...again
    i had once mailed you with my sketchthread..

    im a self taught artist from india with dreams to join pixar...never got a chance to work for anything great yet..
    thank you for all the inspitrations

    it would be of great help to know if im worth it..
    iknow you are one of the busiest around,,but a little help would be really great..
    i would be happy to get any comments from you..

    my sketch thread:

    there are about 5 this the stuff i should sent i there yet..?

    am ready to rip part the whole thing and start afresh.
    i aim to apply for both art and story department..
    i like designing and telling stories.

    i will also be checking your blog often..but if its my lucky day,then...