March 21, 2010

t h e A + D m u s e u m . L A

more has happened recently than i can keep track of. i'd like to report on all of it, but the busi-ness continues as we move into fast waters at work and as i spend my free time preparing for

inaugurating their new permanent location on museum row, CELEBRATE 2010 brings together, "renowned architects, artists, designers, community leaders, and celebrities, as well as LAUSD 5th Graders," as sculptors for a silent auction and exhibition to support the A+D's mission to "promote an awareness of progressive Architecture and Design in everyday life through exhibits, educational programs and public outreach."

the process has been daunting and expansive, and i'm excited to share my progress with you! the event is on tuesday april 27th, tickets start at $50, and an rsvp is required.

the keynote speaker is LA city council president eric garcetti, host committee members include joel + margaret chen, frank o. gehry FAIA, murray moss, wolfgang + gelila puck, rose tarlow, and michael webb. the 'mistress of ceremonies' is frances anderton, host of KCRW's dna. if architecture and design are important to you, please look into the Architecture and Design Museum, LA, or become acquianted here >>>>. see you!


  1. Hearing frank ghery speak would be great! Sidney Pollock's documentary on him was terrific

  2. yeah, i thought so.
    and he's a fellow torontonian!