April 05, 2010

m o n s t e r d r a w i n g r a l l y 2 0 1 0 !

some photos from SOEX's monster drawing rally 2010. more than 120 artists participated including awesome personal favourites brett macfadden, david kasprzak, david wilson, jason jagel, john kearns, matt furie, and michelle blade. thanks to vlad, erin, southern exposure and everyone who came!

find images of our artwork here ^^^^^.


  1. Cool as event! I like your artworks! How long you had to draw? (sorry for my english ;) )

  2. hi maxime!

    we each got to draw for an hour. it was very nerve-wracking, but after a few beers i felt better. it helped that i had friends all about, that the staff was so friendly, and that i had a big bag of surprises and supplies!

    purely by chance, i was surrounded by girls making penguin sculptures; the one to my right wore a costume. i went in with no idea of what to draw, and then just tried to respond to what i was seeing, bits of collage, drops of color, things overheard in the crowd, requests.

    i don't know that my pieces were the greatest, but i found it to be a really fun, challenging exercise. you need to have a lot of confidence and humility to draw for a crowd—and to put something up on the wall that someone will own.

    thanks for asking!

  3. Wow, so many good artists... that must have been an experience. Did you meet Paul Madonna?? What about Ryan De La Hoz? Not as famous, but he and I used to sell jeans together at American Rag.
    Great job on your pictures (I like the middle one the best). I just have one question: was each drawing commissioned by an event attendee before they were made, or were they snatched up after they were finished?