May 19, 2010

h o m e s p u n .

i am very proud to introduce you to alexis petty: artist, designer, gallerist and art/world facilitator. i met her on a couch in a living room on a cliff once, then in a 7-11 parking lot, later at night on a beach. she's one of the truest people i know.

her most recent endeavour, the upper left ethnography project, was recently selected by local artist-run center southern exposure as a recipient for their 2010 alternative exposure grant program. in partnership with her kind and talented collaborators lana porcello and sarah fontaine, a small community of artist-ethnographers have formed, aiming to explore place through an expanded practice of portraiture, focusing their energy on the beautiful, bountiful and mysteriously historic neighbourhood by ocean beach in san francisco called 'the sunset'.

i am very pleased to announce that i will be a contributing artist to their project and in about a month's time will open a solo show out of their gallery space, the carville annex. it's going to be really exciting. expect to hear a lot more about this in the near future! it's time to start building...

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