February 01, 2011

p o w e r s . o f . t e n

PRACTICE has released a series of short films in celebration of the Eames Office's Powers of Ten, an exploration of logarithmic scale and the relative size of things in the universe. Over nights and weekends filming and editing we developed a few short reflections on the power of relating two things, the applied nature of order, and the human perspective at the heart of objective science.

This coincides with CORE77's Powers of Ten film challenge, for which participants have been asked to respond to the original film through reinterpretation, mashup, tribute, reflection, and love letter. Judges for this competition include Paola Antonelli, from the Museum of Modern Art, and Eames Demetrios, grandson of Ray and Charles Eames.

The work of the Eames Office, and the design philosophy of Ray and Charles has been a seminal influence over the years, and it's a privilege to have the opportunity to honor their insightful, generous, human achievements. Many thanks to Martin Jankowiak, Erin Klenow, and Najeeb Tarazi, for nice walks, early mornings, late nights, beautiful thoughts, and all the care and commitment required of that.

Enjoy our films here and here and here.

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