April 22, 2011

T E A C H 4 A M E R I K A

on april 28th, the bruce high quality foundation arrives in san francisco on the western leg of their national tour, Teach 4 Amerika – a polemic against the failures of contemporary art education, and a call for creative counteraction. In 11 cities across the country bruce is initiating rallies and conversations, inviting students, administrators, and artists to engage in a dialogue about local art school practices, problems, successes, needs, and desires.

PRACTICE is collaborating with southern exposure to host Bruce's conversation, and looking to provide an understanding of the regional context that they're engaging with; the dialogue is national, but what are the bay area's unique challenges and opportunities, difficulties and innovations?

we're renting, drawing, writing, deflating, editing, projecting and recording things, hoping to facilitate an urgent and important conversation. visit southern exposure for more details or to attend!

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