August 19, 2005

Choose To Win

Not long ago, I was given the good advice to "choose to win".
Simple, sensible, not so easy to follow all the time.

We do a lot of things for a lot of reasons in this world--a lot of the time, not very good reasons. Choosing to win asks us to make the very best of every moment and every opportunity. Deep down inside we each need to figure out what is right for ourselves, our loved ones, the world. Are we living life as fully as possible? Doing the right thing? What do we give? Applying care in all aspects of one's life makes everybody happier; learning to be our best selves can be incredibly difficult—but it's the most right path.

I'm afraid that my previous post didn't come close to reflecting the affection felt for Joe Ranft. More notable than the contributions Joe made to our childhoods, was the impact he had on those who knew and loved him. For those of us who weren't so blessed, our feelings of loss, grief, and kinship come from their accounts. Joe was, we're told, the kindest, friendliest, most generous, big-hearted man we could have known — someone who, obviously, chose to win.

You're probably coming from these places but obviously check out Ronnie Del Carmen and Technorati for everything on Joe.