August 28, 2005

A Sketchcrawl for Dan and Joe

My cheese tomato sandwich

Here they are--a little less than one day's work, warts and all. These first few from the St. Lawrence Antique market.

This gent is looking at prints

Outside the north market, the street cordoned off

These, very rushed, at breakfast nook Petit Dejuener, packed with people. I tried to get these out quickly and avoided using colour; now if only the tones worked...

Waiting to be seated

People waiting...

The entranceway, less busy

After a longish break I returned to paint the friscillating dusk light, but it forced me to mash this out. The light changed so quickly that by the time I got to painting this last one, I couldn't even see the colours I was using; an interesting excercise.

Cleaning up the street after a festival, my building in the background

From my roof, around 9pm

Definitely a lot of fun; I wasn't sure if I'd be able to sketchcrawl this weekend, but I'm glad that I did. Special thanks to Enrico Casarosa for encouraging this across the world. Considering Dan Lee and Joe Ranft, I tramped out in the name of fun; it was nice to be outside, to see friends this weekend-cheers to them too.