October 19, 2005

2003 again.

For everyone who couldn't see what I'd posted previously:
a repost--plus and minus some.

Let's see if it'll work.


  1. working for me now.....really lovely work!

  2. The board sections are amazing Nick.
    Really. The drawings are warm and appealing and brilliant. Heads above.
    The pages of faces are top tier as well. Pheomenal. And I've seen all this before.

  3. nick, your work is killing me. it comes across so effortless. please tell me it's hard work. the study of the girl is haunting. it would be interesting to actually watch you draw, to follow along as you make choices and marks.

    the page of faces-from life or imagination or both?

  4. AH!

    Thanks John. My work's killing me too.
    I don't think I have much of a regular way of drawing--rather, a few different approaches. When I have softer media like that though, I like the pencil melting a bit on the page--I like big confident swoops, lines that are spirited and accurate.

    I wish I were Sargent.

    Those head are from life--a lot of sitting at the mall. Thanks so much for your compliments and interest!

  5. Don't feel bad John, his work kills me too. He takes that drawing mantra "lines move at the speed with which you draw them" to a new level. I've known Nick for years, and he's always been really awesome. His drawings are done as effortlessly as they appear. It's tough drawing with him for that sometimes. Its daunting.

  6. EHN!

    Daunting? Not if you see the huge stacks of bad drawings I throw out! Seriously--it's only the illusion of consistancy! There is, as you both know, always a long way to go.

    Thanks John & James.