October 07, 2005


A couple years ago I started on a project based on my experience of the suburbs--a little pleasant, a little melancholy. I really think that the real world can be beautiful and compelling, and I wanted to make something that was. I'm a big fan of animation being animation, but I think that there's a place in animation for something more subtle and sincere; a good story is a good story, isn't it? Make it entertaining, make it challenging, make it funny, make it heartwarming, make it poignant; we owe it to people to do good stuff.

Needless to say, it's two years later. From this portfolio I've had some good responses; I've flown around a bit, drawn some storyboards, production designed, animated; I'm still working through this fella, but have since moved on to a number of other projects in its wake. But anyway, that's where I was going, so this is where we'll start.

An excerpt:


  1. Man i don't know where you grew up but my suburb story would be about drugs, sex, violence more drugs, and gang fights. Let me tell you, living in rosedale was no walk in the cake


  2. More amazing than I remember them being. The new one is going to destroy.
    Good on you.

  3. Hey Nick, real beauties but I am getting x's for a few of them.

  4. Hi

    Thanks all--
    When I get home I'll reload the images...

  5. jenny3:56 PM

    Not quite.

  6. Jenny comments?

  7. Thanks guys!
    I'm not too sure what to do about the images--they work on my computer at home, although I'm using safari there...maybe that's it? I've re-uploaded the images three times already.

    Maybe I'll completely repost the post...

  8. Amazing stuff. What a wonderful sense of design, very Warner Brothers in a beautiful way. I will bookmark this site for sure. Hope you keep posting more, GREAT DESIGNS. Very nice approach.


  9. Hey nick

    cool stuff I like the boards...I like the feelings you create with the cat and the girl's interaction....though I can't see all of them some are missing which you probably already know....

    it looks like a nice story

  10. Hi Nick!

    I fixed the former typo in our comment to read:

    Darn that we CAN'T seem to see all these. However, I really like the piece 'saying goodbye to the cat next door.' Sweet and well told.

    If you are on a Mac system 10 can you use Explorer to upload images? That might fix the image issue.

  11. Thanks all--I wish you could see the stuff..

    Tried Explorer, but it didn't work; and I couldn't even download Mozilla. I'm running out of ideas here.

    Maybe I'll pull a Hans Bacher and throw my computer out the window! Agh-BLOCKER!

  12. I checked your blog on our Mac system- we run Safari. I can see all the images there! Nice stuff Nick.

    I guess your blog will be for Mac users only until Blogger can update it's software to work with all browsers...