December 30, 2005

Hello Again.

Hi everyone, a quick stop in.

Very much fun is being had here, mostly walking around and occasionally looking at paintings. I've been to the Met 3 or 4 times now, and I still haven't come close to seeing everything. The Daniel Chester French sculptures are amazing though, and I did see a very nice little Hans Holbein. The downside is that every attraction is a zoo right now though due to damn tourists like me; there's always about 3000 people everywhere.

Thankfully I mostly spend my time finding moderately quiet places and brunching as much as humanly possible. I've had great experiences at places like Balthazar, Brown and Teany--very attractive refuges. But when I'm not enjoying tea and uncommonly good eggs, I'm writing and sketching and taking a lot of photos (which I'll have to post in February! Sorry Amelia!). Unfortunately I'm having a difficult time finding places to sit down and paint; hopefully I'll remedy this soon.

One place I was too nervous to pull out my sketchbook was at the Jazz Standard, front table and alone to see THE PRESERVATION HALL BAND! Best time ever. If you ever get a chance to hear this very spirited band, do--and bring a friend.

My sister's in town now, so it's off to do some touristy stuff--the Statue of Liberty and all; Times Square for new years? Sounds too crazy for me, but I guess we'll see--maybe I can spend the 8 hour wait standing and drawing people?

All the best, everyone; see you in 2006!


  1. Hey, don't worry about photos! Just enjoy your vacation!


  2. Yeah besides I have tons of photos already.

  3. i'd like to say i thoroughly love your blog in it's entirety. As a newbie on the scene, work like yours is an inspiration. if you ever feel the need to comment on a new comers work feel free to critique mine, in all it's shambiness