December 01, 2005


well, it's abrupt, but this is the end.

I leave for New York City this weekend for sketchcrawl, MOMA/PIXAR stuffs and a whole bunch of drawing of my own. Unfortunately, my internet access at home is dead, and I've run out of files at work that I can post. So I guess this blog's going on a long haitus.

I don't have a laptop or digital camera--not even in my phone-so who knows if I'll be able to update from NYC; maybe from an internet cafe? Maybe. I'm very analog: sketchbooks and slide film, pencils and watercolours. I'm going away for quite a while, so hopefully when I come back I'll have a tonne of fun stuff to show.

As for my portfolio, well it's done, but I haven't the connection to show you. Maybe in the new year? Anyway, check in periodically and maybe there'll be something new, but for now I'm off to the New York of Miroslav Sasek, Joseph Pennell, Brian Rose, Anthony Tung, Ric Burns and Jane Jacobs; have a happy holidays.



  1. Bianca1:27 PM

    Hey Nick ^^

    I just wanted to wish you a great time in New York!!! It's going to be awesome to be there over the Chrismas season. You'll have tons of things to draw ^^. Never been myself, but from pictures it looks inspiring.

    Just wanted to wish you great holidays before you head out. ^^ See you in the new year

  2. Yeah, have a great time in NYC. I've never gone there but would definetly like to someday. Especially for a SketchCrawl! Have fun and tell us all about the MOMA exhibit!


  3. Anonymous1:34 AM


  4. Eyyy Im leaving to that way :D....I wish a beautiful Christmas and Happy New year :) to you and your family ;)... See you in 2006

  5. AWESOME postings!! Seem like you have a lot of fun there!! :) Coool drawing and photos!

  6. No other place like it. Good luck and have fun! Looking forward to any posts from NYC or your return to see all you've done.

  7. hope your having fun season greeting and happy new year