June 28, 2006


Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of posts lately, my computer is, truly, dead, and some fun developments have been taking place--but I'll have to get to those later.

I want to thank Amid Amidi at Cartoon Brew for the very kind mention, and invite folks to scroll down, click through and comment on the project below; I'd love to know what you think!

*And an addendum, OMB was also mentioned on Toonfuse today--so thanks to them too!


  1. Rodrigo11:12 AM

    Hey Nick, big congrats on everything you have acomplished...I'd like to get in touch with you, do you still have the same e-mail?

  2. Nick,

    This stuff is beautiful, all the work here is not only extremely inspirational, but also really helpful in understanding the process...

    Thanks for posting so much great stuff =]

  3. I really love your work. The loose sketches for One Man Band gives me that same wonderful feeling as when I look upon a messy Quinton Blake illustration.

  4. There you go.
    We're all very proud of you Nick. From someone who has, up close, seen how hard you've worked, how much you've developed and how badly you want it, I can only offer my admiration and elation at your process, product and result. All the best Nick, you've earned it.

    'A good chef gets there.'

  5. Hey Nick,
    Just heard about some of the fantastic Changes happening to you!

    I've loved checking in to see how hard you've been working to open a creativly fulfilling Door.
    You opened a pretty amazing one!

    All the best to you and your exciting Future!


  6. Great job!
    I love your design and rough stuff. Really nice loose feeling in those..

    Thanks for sharing..