June 09, 2006

in the interim

Hi folks--sorry no new posts lately: my hard drive died on me and my videos are down while James finagles with his web stuff. My OMB stuff is wrapping up anyway; but there's one more video on the way and some stuff about how the book was assembled, if it matters to anyone (it does to me), plus a little deconstruction post, I think, a little epilogue down the pipeline. Hopefully I'll get to posting more often soon.

Regardless, tonight we get to see Pixar's 'One Man Band' in its entirety, as well as Cars and the bigscreen Ratatouille trailer--all of which I'm very very excited for; and all of which supercede blogging. See you at the movies!


  1. I for one am very interested in how the book was assembled. Your posts from the past month and a half have been a joy to observe and read about.


  2. Ditto to what smook said and...How do you like CARS? I saw it and I LOVE IT!!