July 28, 2006

2: Me

I'm totally never at the computer anymore, but I'm gonna try to post more regularly anyway. I'm realizing I don't have too much time left before I move, and there's stuff from the last um... 4 months that I'd like to post about, so get ready for a series about a bunch of random things: the best of winter/spring/summer/05/06 if you will; some thoughts on a few things.


  1. Hey Nick looking forward to all the work bring it on Nick I know it will be some insane eye candy congrads once again to truly deserve it that u have and get don't let the haters and jealous people bring u down just push forward even harder like I know you would take care kool pic by the way!!!

  2. Thanks for the comment on our blog Nick. Take it easy~ when you can, post more, we'll be checking in.

  3. Well i think your an original and never mind them!! the proof will be in the pudding soon enough....as there are some who have already seen it so.
    anyhow... i heard the news and I am totally stoked for you bro!! congrats!!!

  4. meg.d.6:48 PM

    do you really look like that?? nah, i don't think so. hey nick, it's meg, ur sis passed me along ur blog and figured i write a little jaunt.

  5. hi meg
    it's good to see you.

    : )