October 28, 2006

MacArthur BART -- yesterday*

First of all, thank you thank you thank you to everyone for your concern. It wasn't the scariest thing ever, but I'm glad it wasn't; it was mostly just weird, and I'll take that over injury any day.

On the platform yesterday, again at 8 o'clock, but this night with many more people around, I think I saw the culprit.

"Wow, this is uncomfortable," I said aloud to myself. But was it really him? I paced back and forth along the platform behind him--I stared in his vicinity, but from behind it was difficult to tell. As he leaned forward though, what was the fellow wearing? What but a Fedex sweatshirt.

Was it him indeed? I considered walking around to his side of the platform, confronting him... just as two trains pulled in, one heading in each direction. We boarded separately, and that was all.