October 28, 2006

MacArthur BART -- yesterday*

First of all, thank you thank you thank you to everyone for your concern. It wasn't the scariest thing ever, but I'm glad it wasn't; it was mostly just weird, and I'll take that over injury any day.

On the platform yesterday, again at 8 o'clock, but this night with many more people around, I think I saw the culprit.

"Wow, this is uncomfortable," I said aloud to myself. But was it really him? I paced back and forth along the platform behind him--I stared in his vicinity, but from behind it was difficult to tell. As he leaned forward though, what was the fellow wearing? What but a Fedex sweatshirt.

Was it him indeed? I considered walking around to his side of the platform, confronting him... just as two trains pulled in, one heading in each direction. We boarded separately, and that was all.


  1. Jenny8:11 AM

    I know FEDEX steals my money, but...

  2. Wowsers....I'm glad you're okay after the mugging! I wonder if he's a local around that station?