October 04, 2006


Well, it's taken a while, and you'll have to excuse the lame colours, but here are my doodles from sketchcrawl.

The event, for those of you who aren't familiar, is a day long drawing excursion of people going out sketching, and sort of roaming around. This was the 11th official crawl, and it happens all across the globe. Here's a link to the San Francisco chapter of the Sketchrawl forum.

We took a boat from the Ferry building on the Embarcadero up to Sausalito:

On the ferry, I ran into Amelia from the GeckoCafe blog, which was very exciting, and of course Ronnie and Enrico and a bunch of the other Pixarians who were out drawing that day.

And here we are. It was a very hot day, and I hadn't had anything to eat in the morning, so I bought a chevre and sundried tomato sandwich. It turned out to be small and open faced, took forever to make, and came with a pile of shredded carrots.

I was hanging out with Alex Woo and all of his friends, but not much drawing happened for me. There were mostly boats and boats and boats, and not many people around, although it was pretty mesmerizing to watch the fog roll over the hills--I can't imagine ever getting sick of that.

and here we are at our final destination of the day--everybody chillin' around a gazebo, drawing each other drawing the boats and the hills and the water. A couple of dogs were swimming, which was pretty fun, and at the end of the day, I finally met a one Ric Carrasquillo, who doesn't really look as scuzzy as his avatar might suggest, and who, it turns out, is a pretty cool fella.

And that was sketchcrawl!

*by the by, the fellow standing looked fun, although I can't draw him.


  1. Fantastic sketches! Glad you were able to post them. I really like how your sketches look so effortless. The kid picking his nose was hilarious. I wish I had a chance to exchange sketchbooks back in San Francisco. Well, I'll catch ya at Sketchcrawl 12.

  2. Smita2:29 PM

    I rather like the lame colours...and the dog. The kid is awesome. mmm....sundried tomatas.

  3. You've captured a moment in time in each of these, Nick. They are almost like old faded photographs to me. Wonderful. Glad you're doing well down in San Fran.


  4. Jenny3:55 PM

    Yay! I'm happy to see some more drawings. It's been a while!
    I like the dog and the girl shading herself. Can't get enough of your people.

  5. Very cool! I like what you did with your sketches, they definitely get the impression of the day across. The blue sandals is especially cool... just relaxing in the shade.

  6. Man those heads are GREAT. Photoshop away!

  7. Great Stuff! There is a real sense of story going on. Especially the shot of the shoes. Haha! Cool.

    I second James on the heads!

  8. Thanks everyone!
    i figured everybody would hate these...
    I feel weird about using photoshop to help save drawings and compositions...

  9. Wow these are great. You've got a very unique way of recording your drawings. Definetly like the colors (colours!) you used as well!

  10. Oh, geez I realy hate these. Great story and of course I actually love the sketches, was just responding to what you wrote above... Photoshoping enhances them- it's totlly legal and cool Nick!


  11. these quick sketches are beautiful!! Love the layer coloring style!

  12. Awsome compositions. Great observations man.