April 27, 2007

The San Francisco Ballet : Don Quixote

An amazing drawing trip today: to watch the dress rehearsal of the San Francisco Ballet Company's production of Don Quixote, composed by Ludwig Minkus and choreographed by Helgi Tomasson and Yuri Possokhov. We were lucky to meet a number of the dancers and orchestra members, and I think everyone returned to their respective crafts a little more inspired. It was an incredible experience, and one I hope we can enjoy again.


  1. Cool stuff man!
    I wish I had gone!!!!!!
    Hopefully they do it again.
    Awesome drawings again.

  2. Wowzer! You lucky dawg! What a fun opportunity. I'm getting bored of bus people. Charming stuff!

  3. I really love these sketches. How fun they must've been to draw!
    The guy in the top left of the second page reminds me of Marc Simont. Maybe you should be making "The San Francisco Ballet Limbers Up".

  4. love the 2nd page, nice work!

  5. Beautiful sketches! Even though I don't attend many dance performances or plays, when I do I find that afterwards I'm often more aware of everything around me as potential creative pieces of a drawing. Inspiration really can come from anywhere.

  6. jenny said:
    "The guy in the top left of the second page reminds me of Marc Simont."
    I'm reminded of Simont as well. Wonderful.

    I know a company member named Miriam Rowan. I don't know whether she is in this performance or not.

  7. Hey Nick,

    Beautiful drawings for the last couple of posts.
    I find the dress rehearsals more fun than the actual show.
    I just heard about the freeway over there too. I hope you guys are all OK.

  8. Beautiful sketches! You really captured the moments of ballet.

  9. cool! you really captured the energy of the leaping dancer- way to go!