August 30, 2008

on respecting the process

i don't write too much on this blog any more, but i do have a small backlog of entries i've never posted; here's one recently rediscovered, written it think, in response to attitudes i felt swelling around me. this isn't so much an essay, as it is a bulletin; an plea for people to get over themselves and to return to the things that they know to be true  :

It's been a while since I've written anything substantial on this blog, so I'm going to talk about something that I can't seem to stop being aware of lately: a lack of RESPECT FOR THE PROCESS. i am tired of whining. THE CHALLENGES ARE THE FUN of this mess called the creative act. THIS IS ABOUT THE EXCITEMENT OF PROGRESS. this is about taking steps forward, and that is good enough--that is all anyone can ask. THIS IS ABOUT THE JOURNEY. this is about recognizing things as they are; this is about being honest with yourself. this is about minding your own business, and getting on with your own business. you are the one responsible for yourself. LET'S GET TO WORK ON PUSHING OURSELVES FARTHER; BECAUSE WE CAN ALWAYS DO BETTER. Let's do that. Here are the simple truths:

everyone has a different process, and processes are always continual.

everyone has a different process, and processes are always continual.
appreciate those who support you.
and that's final. let's muck about goddamit, work and live with love and passion on our sleeves; and for goodness's sake, let's get on with it already.

the path is always and will always be fraught.
there will never be a guarantee of success.
gain perspective and learn to accept the good with the bad; come to see truths.
act with courage, honesty, and integrity.

these are things easy to forget. i should read this every day.