August 25, 2008


i'd like to start posting some drawings from our weekly gesture drawing class at pixar, but i've got a backlog of older drawings i figure i should post. below, some tom gately notes from tuesday gesture classes, 2007. any idea what he's suggesting in each? if you're curious, let me know and i'll write some little explanations.

well, here tom's talking about pushing things farther; going all the way to exaggerate things. oh, and opening up that negative space between his back and his arm.

here tom reminded me that there is a relationship between things in space, and that we need to give this emphasis, reinforce this; we shouldn't flatten things out too much. i believe he also suggested that he might have the fellow lean forward to look forward.

yes, the comment here was about balance--about throwing her off balance, putting her in motion; it probably had to do with the particulars of how i was interpretting the pose, but either way, static is way more boring than active. i  think my lean back could've worked, but i didn't push it nearly enough to make it play.