April 07, 2009

chapter 24

"You will understand, Mr. Mintouchian, if I tell you that I have always tried to become what I am. But it's a frightening thing. Because what if what I am by nature isn't good enough?" I was close to tears as I said it to him. "I supppose I better, anyway, give in and be it. I will never force the hand of fate to create a better Augie March, nor change the time to an age of gold." Saul Bellow

6 find confidence
it's absolutely vital. find your strength; retain your integrity; stand for what you believe in and remember that you are a human being; no loss is the definitive measure of your person; it is never the end of the world, and you are never unable to adapt and grow. keep going, as robert henri and george bernard shaw and our good friend augie march tell us; everything depends on those who keep going. it's a life of trials and they aren't all going to be easy. but never forget that you'll end up okay; you're just in the messy second act.


  1. Kristine10:09 AM

    i like the quick scribble of Sandy -- you caught his smile :)

  2. i like the quick art.

  3. These are great little sketches. All heart.