April 26, 2009

chapter 26

"Look at me, going everywhere! Why, I am a sort of Columbus of those near at hand and believe you can come to them in this immediate terra incognita that spreads out in every gaze. I may well be a flop at this line of endeavor. Columbus too thought he was a flop, probably, when they sent him back in chains. Which didn't prove there was no America." Saul Bellow

8 take risks
i don't know who's reading this stuff at this point, but i'm just gonna keep writing: take risks. extend yourself, and make it okay to fail. commit your energies to saving and sharing those things in this world that you truly value. keep things moving forward, and not just moving. want more! want better! push! put your heart on the line, have a pie in the sky dream, be visionary, get over yourself: whatever your version of risk taking is, take it! we only have so much time and only so many chances: let's make this the best life we can, k?