September 24, 2009

in ohio

maybe i'm always grumpy, but the issue of nationality came up in conversation tonight, and i was just not interested. what more is there to say of the differences between canadians and americans? what can i say personally?

it is interesting knowing that i'm a product of social conditioning, of toronto, of canada, yet... i tend to think of myself more a product of my childhood hobbies, drawing classes, the toronto film festival, the years i spent at sheridan, working in tv animation and finally, the time spent with girlfriends and best friends—specific things.

the people you meet, the experiences you have, and the lessons you learn are the real makers and breakers. while i'll admit that my life in toronto was leaner and cleaner than this in san francisco, i'm definitely expanding my horizons here. who knew one of my favorite weekends ever would take place in the heart of ohio? nationality aside, good peeps is good peeps. thank you americans! nick