September 26, 2009

jim sherraden

"advertising without posters is like fishing without worms." the hatch bros.

opened in 1879, hatch show print is among america’s oldest and most famous letterpress shops. jim sherraden is its manager, chief designer, archivist and historian. above, he shares a century of hand set graphic design.


  1. Hey you were right on Nick -- regarding what you wrote about friendship communities transcending borders. The world needs to hear more of such a perspective. What you wrote was actually meaningful and struck a cord, I hope you are confident about that! It really WAS well said. Cheers!

  2. haha

    if you can't tell, i'm insecure about a few things these days... i'm trying to figure this blog out. i need to go to sleep! thanks for your interest!

  3. i like what you're doing :)