November 15, 2005

The Royal Winter Fair IV

Well, no winter fair this year. It's the first time in years that I've missed it--too busy I guess.

As the bookend to my Royal posts, a final entry thanking Drazen, Smook, Justin and the Doodlers for also doing into the animal thing. And, although they're clothed, Uli Meyer too. And thanks to everyone who left comments--it's very stimulating, and I do hope for more.

Anyway, a year ago I was wrapped up in my little suburb project, so I didn't draw too many animals at the fair--instead, I took it as an opportunity to sketch people, as the weather outside had already become inhospitable. At the fair there's always a good mix--farmers in overalls, barreloads of kids visiting for school, the elderly (and myself) watching cooking demonstrations, and noisy suburban families at the superdogs! show; all terrific subjects for my story about the everyday. The most entertaining folks to watch, though, I'd have to say, are the multitude of kids at the petting zoo--most of which are trying to lift up little goats and carry them around. Poor things!

Oh, 2004. Carmine red on Chromacolour.
Maybe I'll make it for 2006? I guess we'll see.
Thanks for coming by y'all.


  1. beautiful scketches :)

  2. Great blog, Nick! Really enjoyed watching break down a lot my favorites influences. Those guys are indeed amazing....and so is your work.

  3. yummy doodles!!

  4. Beautiful, loose and favorite kinds!

  5. These are all wonderful, Nick! The first two really stand out to me. Lovely, lovely sketches!

  6. wow, these are amazing.

  7. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Lovely and very appealing.
    I would expect nothing less from you.

  8. I like most 2-4 from the top
    they are all very alive and loose
    havent been here for a long time
    but i will come more often to you blog
    Its very nice work you do!

  9. Wow! Exquisite sketches! Love the little girl, reminds me of mine! Where in OH?

  10. un petit délice tes crayonnés.

  11. hey Nick,

    Maaaan, those are great sketches! I love the shapes of the guys on the first two.
    The guy in the third one looks a bit like John Culhane. haha

    I missed The Royal too. Maybe next year, huh?

  12. Hey Nick, wonderful sketches, full of life. Love the first one particularly.

  13. Very nice sketches! I looove the close up of the little girl. Bravo!