May 25, 2006


I'm reverse engineering here, back with another leica reel, this time for the entire film--it's a couple of minutes long, but worth the wait I think, if just for the Firehouse Five Plus Two soundtrack. I think more could've been made of the script and the visuals, but I tend to think of this as a decent jumping off point rather than anything ready to go; the soundtrack and basic ideas certainly have a lot of potential for entertainment and plus-ing.

When the music for the second half kicks in, imagine the cleverist animation from Toot Whistle, the Brave Engineer and Alice and Wonderland, and the Mary Blair-iest staging you can. Fun, no? Can you listen to it and not want to animate to it?

To watch the reel, please click the image above! Also, for interests sake, I encourage you to rewatch the post below to see how they compare. Lemme know what you think!


  1. Ho man that's great!
    I computer at work doesn't want to play the video so I'll have to see it at home
    but as for the rest it really is great!I'm not a HUGE fan of Disney style animation (not anymore...but I think that's the point here) but the quality in this project is so obvious.....well...just to say nice work,good luck, thanks for sharing.


  2. Looking good Nick!


  3. Wow,

    Great characters. I really appreciate the length at which you go to explain your process. Very very insightful (sp?)

    Good luck with production, everything looks right and sharp!

    - Aaron

  4. Yet again Nick


    right outta da water

  5. It makes me want to make some short films!


  6. Nick -
    long time lurker and admirer.
    GREAT leica... I reeeeally liked it. And yeah, you're right...I'm ITCHING to animate it. Thanks for the constant source of inspiration. Check out my meager crap if you get a chance!
    Thanks, and keep inspiring!

  7. Here's what I think:

    I think the way you developed the 1st part of the leica is absolutely splendid. It made the full leica spring to life in my head, I could really "see" it animated...I also liked that you've "youngified" him in the newer version. I think it fits.

    I have a small comment about the storytelling. As I understand it, the punch of the film and the thing that makes the story worth telling, is the grown up mike meeting the kid. I think this point is getting way too little time. I experienced it as a great moment of realization and surprise and emotion, but it was taken away before I could really enjoy it. Maybe it's a good idea to try and milk that moment for all it's worth.

    Cheers, I'm in love with your project, can't wait to see it finished!

  8. I've really enjoyed finding and exploring your blog. Beautiful beautiful work. Thank you for sharing.

  9. The rhymes and music are so catchy! I love your sketches ^_^. Nice work!

  10. Great stuff!! i really enjoyed it!! my one comment is probably a silly one but your scratch track audio is a little hard to hear you in a few sections but i am sure u can address this down the line!! I coudl totally see this animated for sure!! its nice to see all the drawing come together!! i think the story is kind of sad that even though he finds joy but not "real" success following his passion. i found myself routing for him and sad that he doesn't make it in the end! maybe i am just shallow thinking that playing for kids isn't the tops!! heheheh

  11. i like your drawing very good character design.