May 25, 2006


I'm reverse engineering here, back with another leica reel, this time for the entire film--it's a couple of minutes long, but worth the wait I think, if just for the Firehouse Five Plus Two soundtrack. I think more could've been made of the script and the visuals, but I tend to think of this as a decent jumping off point rather than anything ready to go; the soundtrack and basic ideas certainly have a lot of potential for entertainment and plus-ing.

When the music for the second half kicks in, imagine the cleverist animation from Toot Whistle, the Brave Engineer and Alice and Wonderland, and the Mary Blair-iest staging you can. Fun, no? Can you listen to it and not want to animate to it?

To watch the reel, please click the image above! Also, for interests sake, I encourage you to rewatch the post below to see how they compare. Lemme know what you think!