August 27, 2006

11: Apartment Hunting


  1. Oh the horror! Naw it's not that bad unless you're looking in downtown San Francisco.

  2. jenny1:38 PM

    You look cute in that hat.

  3. Everyone has to pay their dues by living downtown first.
    Great hidden eats around there. Happy hunting.

  4. yeah, the food's been good--
    it's the damn dirty gang fights that worry me--
    I ALWAYS get mixed up in gangfights!

    Thanks Jen--that's my apartment hunting hat.

  5. Hey Nick

    I haven't been blogging for a while now. ( been busy working I think)..but a slow day at work got me to look through my blog list and it seems that your not even in toronto anymore. I just wanted to say congratulation...I hear San Francisco is like Toronto!!

  6. Mitch1:53 PM

    Hey Nick, didn't hear if you got the DVD...but asked a friend about living in San Fran. He recommends this website. if it is of any help. Hope it is. Thanks.

  7. jenny3:32 PM

    Just carry around a broken bottle, and yell "Cutcha!", and you'll be fine.

  8. Jenny's got the idea nick,

    Unorthadox ways of living in San Fran....

    why not,

    and this may be a stretch,

    camp out inside a whale's mouth, and if you ever need to get out just sprinkle a little pepper on the old hepers uvula and she'll sneeze you to your destination. Transportation and shelter. There you go two ardvarks with one pail.

    next problem!

    no no even better...

    if your so good mr pixar why don't you just draw yourself an apartment.

    AHAHAH best idea EVER

    hope you're having a blast

  9. Good luck Nick! Looks like that pop gun and your snappy attitude will protect you right fine.