August 31, 2006

12: !

I found a place in the Mission District!

Yeah, it's a pretty cool place, pre 1906.

The units are all clean and renovated, and the couple who owns the place live here too. They run an educational farm called Pie Ranch (because it's shaped like a piece of pie), which aims to transform inner city kids' relationship to their food, working with the community to build "healthier local food systems".

The storefront is going to be the new home of the artist run contemporary arts organisation Southern Exposure, and in a few years the intention is to open a small cafe adjacent--the Pie Shop, I believe it's tentatively called. There's an event on Saturday at 10am if anyone's interested in attending; it's about the future of the Pie Shop and its place in the community, and, yes, there will be pie to be had--

See you there!