August 02, 2006

4: On Lineage

I think it's pretty important to value the contributions of those who've come before. It has nothing to do with fashion or age or style--it has to do with having worked hard, pushed boundaries, taken risks and set standards; they earned respect. We should all be very grateful for the lineage we all get to be a part of. There's hundreds of years of big shoes to fill, every great artist a pal urging us to work a little harder, do a little better. Not long ago Jenny Lerew at the Blackwing Diaries posted about Mr Roy Mckie's terrific books and illustrations; well I happened upon this one in NY, and I think it's just amazing. Here's a sampling from it:

Thanks Mr Mckie!
Robert Henri writes:

"Through art mysterious bonds of understanding and of knowledge are established among men. They are the bonds of a great Brotherhood. Those who are of the Brotherhood know each other, and time and space cannot separate them."


  1. Great post man. "You owe it to yourselves and to the medium..."
    You do it all pround Nick.

  2. The dedication to all aspects of the art in your writing is now becoming a source of inspiration for me. It was obvious in your work, which is shows a direct passion for the medium. Supporting your fellow current artists and those shoulders we stand upon is a valuable leadership asset that will no doubt support you right back.

  3. More wonderful words Nick. Thx

  4. Thanks guys. You're all very generous, and it means a lot. Ric, those are very very kind words. Thank you.

    But I'll tell you what:
    I'm shocked that more people haven't commented on this post. These drawings just blow my mind. Roy McKie KILLS. Here's to him.

  5. My gosh--that is amazing! Mind if I link to it? I didn't know anything about this book!

    BTW are you moving to SF permanently? if so(as I presume)congrats! and have fun! I"m sure you will. : )