September 14, 2006

14: numbers?

A scrouchy old lady on my commute. Steadler on Chromacolour.

Ted Mathot was making fun of my number-titles the other day, and I had to admit that there really wasn't any reasoning behind them. I thought that maybe they'd keep things together... or something--that they'd separate these posts as an independent set. Anyway, I'm just trying to keep this blog going; I'm not on the computer much these days, and there seems to be a helluva lot of exciting stuff going on every day! Who wants to be stuck to a keyboard?

This place is great for getting you going, and I've been trying to keep myself busy between still setting up my place, reading (Alexander Mckendrick's ON FILM-MAKING), drawing (on the BART train) and the occasional morning swim.

I went to an AWESOME Giants game the other day, saw some amazing screenings and presentations, attended some life drawing classes, enjoyed a picnic on a mountain top at the Lick Observatory, peformed as an extra in a film shoot, attended the Super 7 opening, watched flocks of feral parrots circle Coit tower, ate baby sized burritos at El Farolito and canoed the lagoon in Alemeda, all thanks to the generous generous people in this building.

I can't say enough about them, but this probably isn't the place to name names. Suffice it to say that every day is awesome. A treat and a privilege. I'll try to post more (and I guess I'll cut the numbers...)


  1. Jenny9:03 PM

    Why 'numbers'? Is that lazy titling? When is this numbering going to end!!?
    (I like the subway woman's foot).

  2. Now, hopefully.
    me too about the foot.

  3. Oh, so I see I have to read your blog to find out about feral parrots and canoing. Hm.
    (I'm kidding).

  4. Hey...I wan't making fun! That's just me being facetious--it happens a lot.

    Glad you are enjoying yourself. How 'bout that chorale music yesterday?


  5. Yeah, I know Ted. FACETIOUS OL' TED!
    Naw, I'm just trying to figure out how to keep this thing going with any sort of regularity--now that i'm here and I'm the runt of the litter, what can i post that won't be embarrassing? This blog is gonna have to find a slightly new direction, if it's gonna stick around...or at least it needs some new momentum.

  6. hi nick,
    i was up there for a presentation on friday and ate lunch while the chorus sang. it's a great place and i'm pretty jealous.