September 21, 2006

Walnut Creek / Urinetown / Petaluma

I'll have to come back later to write more, but i visited Walnut Creek last weekend to see a production of Urinetown. Lucky me, it happened to be the day of the annual Walnut Parade. YAY!

I'll have to come back later, I've got a tonne of drawing to do.


  1. Hey mang,
    Great to see you again! Good luck with the work! See you again in a few years

  2. St. Bernards, skaters, and taekwondo - in my mind, essential ingredients for any festivity!

  3. Hi there Nick. I'm a fellow Toronto animator here in the USA who just happened to stumble across your blog. Just wanted to say your work is wonderful!Did you go to Sheridan btw?

    Keep up the great drawing


  4. There's a Walnut King? Guess he's Mr. Peanut's rich uncle...

    Love those St. Bernards.

  5. Yeah, it's all sorta weird,
    and all very American!

    Notice that the St Bernard lady is also wearing a St Bernard sweater. AWESOME!