September 25, 2006

No Posts Today.

Sorry--No posting lately; another late night at the studio...


  1. Smita9:38 AM

    I like the doodle. Good luck with the late nights!

  2. Thanks Smita!
    It looks like there'll be many more to come....
    They're the good kind though--
    good work, good people around.

  3. Keep it up nick, you are, and are going to be, somewhere high. Good luck man, keep sheridan in the spotlight :p


  4. Thanks Randeep--
    The sentiment is appreciated, but right now my goal is to not get fired, or be too horribly embarrassed. It's all about learning here--self improvement, teamwork. I've never met more generous, humble, hard working people. If by high you mean appreciative, and supportive, then yes, this is it!

    As for Sheridan.... I don't really think it's too deserving of any sort of spotlight, from my experiences and from what I understand to be the case these days. I enjoyed my time there, don't get me wrong, but I'm not afraid to say that that place needs some vision and leadership if it's going to be half the place it contends to be.

  5. Dear Nick Sung

    Don't be foolish Nick, you can still give it all up and come back to toronto. It's not too late. I've arranged a meeting with nelvana on monday for you. I hope you make it in time.

    You're wasting your life away with this art stuff. Why don't you be more like your sister and get a real job.

    Nick Nick Nick will the insanity ever end with you?

    Stop calling me with the heavy panting. It's trez creepy.

    rumor has it you get to draw completely naked models? is this true? can you touch em and stuff? what about throwing things at them?

    Well there you go pal, hope you had your duncan influence of the month, remember to bone up on adobe whatchamacallit and thingamajig. One day we're going to make you into a statue so we can let the birds poop on ya.


  6. I can sooo related to the late night hours ... we are on crunch as well ..... tiiireeed ... best of luck with your project!