March 30, 2009

chapter 24

"Well, I'm a sonofabitch!" he said, getting up in the Turkish heat and rewrapping the towel. "I didn't mean to hurt any feelings. Damn! If I did in this idle conversation to while away time, please forgive me. I see you really are, really, in love. God bless you for such noble feelings!" Saul Bellow

4 be sincere
it's gotta come from here (patting his chest) if you want to make something meaningful to yourself and to others, if you want to make something that resonates; it's gotta be real. i mean, that's the point, right? whatever it is you're doing, try your best to make it mean something to you—find your excitement in things; be passionate and excited and it'll translate. figure out what you've got to give to the world. and then, when you get to work, give it some love.


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  2. Thank you both. Really!

  3. Great stuff. I feel this is the big one, the one you've most directly informed in my work, after talking lo so many years ago. Occasionally, I still have the echo of talks past when I'm not holding up my end of the bargain, holding me to rights.

  4. I thnik my own writing is so much better than Saul Bellow's, but that's arrogance (and talent) for you.

  5. Great stuff. I feel this is the big one.