March 28, 2009

chapter 26

"Hard, hard work, excavation and digging, mining, working, working, working, panting, hauling, hoisting. And none of this work is seen from the outside. It's internally done. It happens because you are powerless and unable to get anywhere, to obtain justice or have requital, and therefore in yourself you labor, you wage and combat, settle scores, remember insults, fight, reply, deny, blab, denounce, triumph, outwit, overcome, vindicate, cry, persist, absolve, die and rise again. All by yourself! Where is eveybody? Inside your breast and skin, the entire cast." Saul Bellow

3 fight to make the best of things
good bad ugly, all situations are useful as supports and calls to arms; foils and catalysts. life is full of positive, valuable lessons if you look for them, which is what they mean when they say to learn through experience. in my life i've been partnered, alone, mismanaged, given grace, demoted, promoted, apprenticed, applauded, misunderstood, perfectly in sync, in the lead, trailing behind, continuously working and unemployed and it was all great, and i'm all grateful, and every experience no matter how small or banal or painful has helped me mature. life doesn't always make it easy, but it offers to keep you honest. go get some living in you.