March 07, 2009


busy times / wall-e won / working a lot / assembling books / printing photos / going to shows / watching movies / illustration /
be back soon


  1. Hello Nick. Thank you for finding the salsa stain on my shirt today. Love, Daniel.

  2. Hello Nick! I noticed that the sheets of gestures has been taken down.

    Are you planning to release a gestures book to archive pixar lifedrawing? If so.. I would be very interested in picking up a copy!

    I saved your artworks a few months ago and I showed my lifedrawing instructor your work and he relaly loves it! Hope to see more from u in the future =)

  3. ur welcome daniel/


    i think they're still there—check the sidebar for drawing or pixar posts and you should be able to find all my drawing stuff. fortunately that walt stanchfield book has been made, so you can go right to the source. if i were awesome enough, i'd certainly like to make a book, but for now i'll leave it to the experts. thanks man!