February 27, 2006

The New Portfolio

As you might deduce from my last erratic posts, I'm currently juggling the old with the new: a NEW TV show, a NEW (now old) portfolio, a NEW York trip (an old trip now), and a NEW NEW! story sequence which I'm currently assembling.

Here then are some working roughs from that NEW-old portfolio short I just recently finished preproduction on in december, just before I left for NY. If we recall, it had something to do with toot whistle plunk and boom, and music; apparently it involves babies too, which is false (they were eventually "storied" out), but kids, it does.

at the bottom there--that's jenny!


  1. I knew a new new was on its way.
    W00t j

  2. yeah, really--

    didn't take too long.
    I'm trying to do a quicky one too--
    it's working out well, I think; we'll see.

    it's definitely a change for me...

  3. I should also say that your book is awesome. I forgot to put it in the first comment, so I'll put it here.
    50 panels kiddo.

  4. AWESOME fun drawings!! Love the characters!!

  5. Anonymous1:14 AM

    looks very sweet nick
    extremely charming

  6. thanks, alina, anonymous.

    and thanks again, j.
    there's no end to the 50 panels;
    that many last night.

    there were some with the book too--
    you should see the dvd sometime--
    there's a couple reels and a slideshow on there that I think are alright.

  7. excellent sketches, Nick. good luck with the portfolio.

  8. Ahah! Just checked in and found PLENTY! Will be back real soon for a slower look.