February 23, 2006


A dour looking sky over the United Nations; telephones at the Whitney; details from around Tribeca and Wall street; a west side pork shop; the best of bread at the Blue Ribbon Bakery; a midtown bus and the obscured view of lower Manhattan from Brooklyn Heights, near Joseph Pennell's old place.

They're sort of a sad group of photos; maybe the next batch will be happier.


  1. Oh My God! That Pork store is right across the street from my first Studio in NY( on 39th St)!

    It made me smile!

    BTW, they really sell great meat!

    I always look forward to your work.

  2. HA HA--

    very neat.
    you New Yorkers are a lucky bunch--
    I'd give my left arm to live there.


  3. Dear Nick,

    I viewed your New York photos that were posted on Feb. 10, 2006.
    Are you willing to sell me a large, picture-sized print of Croissants/Baguettes? I'd be very interested.
    Regards, krickk