February 10, 2006

New York

Hello all, and welcome back.

I've returned from my trip, obviously, and it's taken me a bit to get to the computer. I have no web access at home these days, and things in the working world have been... busy. Funnily, the workaday world of my life here at home feels much more bustling than the small beginnings of a life I left behind in the Big Apple, and the moderately smaller pear, Boston. I guess that's the difference between a vacation and regular life.

I ended up experiencing a good number of things, extending myself beyond the big galleries and typical tourist hangouts to the places beneath bridges, in basements and in the shells of old theatres. I was frustrated and lost and awed and pushed around a bit, but was alternately comfortable and at home and very very welcome in many places. I had some very fancy meals and frequented the Met and Soho's boutiques, but at times also rooted through trash heaps and wandered through destitute streets in Harlem and Brooklyn. I met a good number of people whom I hung out with on a number of occasions, and even, in the end, found regular places to hang out. My stay was complicated, I guess, and it seemed like the longer I stayed, the more complex and subtle and complicated it got--it was good in other words, and became, the longer I stayed, more like I lived there and less like I was visiting.

But how can a person sum up their thoughts and experiences for a month and a half into anything specific and concise--especially since my goal was to actually see it all--or at least as much as I could. Well in the end I filled up two + sketchbooks, recorded a couple hours of audio (? yes, it's true!), filled my bags with books and ephemera, and took around 950 photographs.

As a start, I guess, here are 23:
I wonder if they describe something of the interesting and exciting time I had in NYC--let me know if they do!

all taken with a clunky hunka Pentax k1000 and various slide films, mostly Fuji Superia? 100 and 400, and old old kodak 1600 stock from my friend John at SpectraPhoto, East 44th & Lex.

To those who've been checking this blog everyday, thanks--I'm grateful. Finally there's something to see and more to come.