March 06, 2006

NEW YORK sketchbooks: moleskine miscellany

I warned you all that I'd be skipping between subjects, so as I'm too busy with work to write anything portfolio related for now, a brief sojourn into sketchbook land--I'll return to the cute kids when I've got a second. For now:

I feel like I didn't accomplish much in NYC: drawing-wise, I mean--nothing too finished anyway, although not even much quicksketch. I really spent most of my time just seeing the sights--meaning everything in sight--but still, I guess I managed to fill two moleskines and start a big sketchbook of chromacolour paper. Most of the time I wrote; not very well mind you (I'm barely literate, which is why I like pictures), but, those things I couldn't describe in words, I described in sketches, doodles and highly ineffective paintings--and then that's when the camera came out, you see.

Anyway. What follows are pages somewhat representative of the type my moleskines are peppered with; footnotes, I guess, of a bigger, broader experience. A couple more posts will follow to show the whole spectrum; hope you enjoy.

On a crosstown bus with Jen, I kept miss-seeing things;
building ornamentation takes the form of slugs, ponies and ships

One sketch of many from a sculpture by Carpeaux--
the security guard reassured me that I'd do better next time.

Sketches from the American Folk Art Museum;
painted box and weather vane.

Excited Brooklyn ladies on the subway, on the town.

A colourless, formless sketch of dusk's descent on Central Park
from the gift shop of the Cooper Hewitt.
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A helpful East Villager shopgirl.

On the bus downtown, Christmas Eve day, and below,
the work of a young Edward Hopper in Paris; the Whitney.