March 13, 2006

NEW YORK sketchbooks: ------->

Hello--I hope everyone had a good weekend-
I apologize again for skipping out on portfolio posts--hopefully these scribbly notations can tide you over for a bit longer. I'm a bit insecure about how they look to the public eye, but like I said, they're more sort of journal entries than invested drawings; such are sketchbooks.

My moleskine journals bridged the gap between New York and Boston. It was a strange, sad moment leaving the NY, one which I wish I could have captured well in images or words. Anyway, another representative smattering of my sketchbooks. James warned me that the sketchbook moleskines didn't take watercolour paints very well--I learned the hard way; he was right.

The paintings were made in Soho on a somewhat warmish day for December.
The light was incredible, but it was a fight against the paper all the way.

A striking bust by Charles Despiau at the Fogg art gallery at Harvard.

On the bus leaving the Met.


  1. I really like this last posts. VERY VERY inspiring. Great head shapes and expresions.Great stuff, part of my inspiration folder now.

  2. Thanks! Very complimentary.
    I quite enjoy your sketchbook posts myself!

  3. Anonymous1:17 PM

    hey nick,

    it's lillian- how are you?

    Just wanted to say, great sketches and posts. It's real inspiring to see your work--

    Hope things are well,


  4. they are!
    and thank you very much!
    so nice to hear from you!

  5. I like your people - the expressions are great. You're not just getting the physical gestures, you're getting the soul too.


  6. Anonymous8:05 AM

    very lovely
    the elephants and two horn
    creatures are outstanding
    great observation all around
    5 stars
    thanks for sharing