April 06, 2006

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

Same as the others.

Hm. What was this movie about? I don't remember. This week's getting better though.

Anyway, this time I apologize for anatomy, and muddy colours. I like the idea though--maybe I'll try this one again sometime. I've been meaning to post portfolio stuff (from, like, last year) but it seems like there's no end to interruptions, asides and placeholders. Ah well--very soon! Right after I get over the hump that is the startup of our show. Also, I like to do things in Series, so there's much to prepare, it seems.

Anyway, this third post was encouraged by one Aurelie Blard-Quintard, who's quite an incredible artist. Very charming, beautiful character stuff. Terrific!


  1. Wonderful One!!! You have a cool style... I love these last posts of women faces.... Congratulations. I'll visite from now to see new work!


  2. Great one Boyo. We'll have to have a sit down and you can show me what you know about painter. My first question I'll put to you now; does it have a poly tool?
    Keep beasting.

  3. Anonymous10:13 AM

    The colours are lovely. She's very striking.

  4. as usual...beautiful work..love it!

  5. Thanks fellas.
    I like this one quite a bit, although I do feel like it needs some hefty reworking.

    Antonio, nice to meet you!

    James, thanks! Will do about Painter. As for poly tools... huh? I don't think so, but we'll talk. For what? And I will beast away!

    Anon, who are you!? and thanks!

    and Buddy, thank you too--nice to see you here; hope the blog is going well!

  6. As is made clear my post on the scythe. When it comes to digi-painting, I'm ALL about that poly tool in PS. I could never look Dong Kingman in the eye...
    Gouache pwns me.

  7. oh i see--the poly line tool...!
    I dunno man, gouache is pretty fun--ask Jenny! Dong Kingman is good, but where is he today? Hm? Exactly.

  8. Hey Nick :) I just saw that you went on with the series
    I knew it was going to be awsome: these drawing are so expressive! I love the long neck touch: it remind me of Modigliani.

    (make us a Human Nature post and the series will be complete... ;D)